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your story is so unique and amazing because it is yours. no one's path is the same and i think that is so amazing! i am not the type of person who has a list of exact poses that i do during every session. because that isn't real. not everyone looks the same doing the same things. i will be there to read your energy and guide you during our session to make your gallery look as authentic and beautiful as possible.

 i have always loved movies because i love the way it takes small moments of a person life and turns it into something that can turn a human being into a puddle of tears. enter me. i don't want to give you regular cookie-cutter photos, i am here to help you (and your partner) have your main character moment. let's go swimming with our clothes on, run through that field, drive through that tunnel with the windows down blasting david bowie. i. am. there.  every session i photograph, i love to focus on connection and capturing real emotion that moves your story along. just like the movies.

are you the type of person that watches movies and just thinks to themselves "wow i wish that was my life." well... same.

I got you, Babe. 



YESssss I'm on the next flight! While my home base is ocean city, new jersey, i have a passion for traveling and it is one of the reasons i fell in love with photography. All travel fees will be included in your final pricing.


this ultimatley depends on the season. Some months are busier than others but i try to delivery my regular sessions within 4 weeks and weddings within 10.

We are super awkward in front of the camera. How can you help us?

it is totally normal to feel this way! I am there for you to make you feel as comfortable as possible through guiding and getting to know each other before hand. Communication is key and it goes both ways!

How far in advance should i book with you?

At least 3 months for regular sessions and about a year for weddings! Some people book up to two years in advance.


Tori Sokalski was so much more than my wedding photographer! She was my right hand for the entirety of my wedding. She was there for me all day asking if I needed anything and was so helpful. She even helped me put on my wedding shoes. As far as the her photography goes, her work says it all. I was so impressed with what I saw on her IG that I knew she was the right fit for me and my husband. I was so tired of seeing the same modern style of wedding photos that everyone is using. I wanted something vintage and unique. That’s exactly what you get with Tori. My husband and I recently got a sneak peek at our wedding photos and I was beyond impressed. I have worked with a few other photographers in the past and there were only ever a few realllllly good photos in the bunch. With Tori’s shots, I couldn’t decide which was my favorite! They were all better than the last. I can’t wait to get the rest of my wedding photos! I have high hopes and I know I won’t be disappointed!

Tori is super sweet and so much fun to work with! 








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